hey there. name's yuri lowell.
twenty three years old, re-enlisted in the imperial knights, currently ranking captain and the commandant's second-in-command.
i'm engaged to our overworking commandant of the imperial knights, flynn scifo ~

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( post-canon )
magic!anon status - none ~

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      “Raising a puppy is hard work … But it seems like his parents are going for group two at this rate … “

     ”And you’re watching them do it?”

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“Sir, Captain Layla of the Layla brigade reporting for duty.” Layla said as she saluted Yuri. She had come here on assignment to delivery her reports, though she had never actually first hand dealt with him at least not in this time…..

     ”At ease, Captain. It’s nice to finally meet you.”

Yuri offered a small grin to the fellow knight, returning her salute before quickly falling back into a more relaxed stance. The formalities of knighthood were still not his favorite, as his own brigade had become familiar with, though he at least managed to keep up appearances. Remembering the name from the applications he’d gone through and approved — without consenting his fiance, though he had had enough on his plate at the time — the former vigilante knew what business she had here.

     ”You’re here with the reports, right?”



      “Mm … I don’t know if I should. My stomach might not be able to handle something so rich yet …”

     ”Want me to make you something? Anything, just name it.”

Please, I beg of you... Before I cause anyone anymore more pain.
Please, Yuri. Kill me now.



      ” … you’re right. I’m sorry.”

     ”It’s okay. I’m sorry for pushing you away.”

     ”Now you should really have one of these crepes. Aster almost jumped through the ceiling over one.”

Hey it’s sexual Sunday. You should ask my muse some uncomfortable questions!




     ”Hooowww about we move onto a new topic, eh? Want a pudding crepe?”


      “Let’s just stop talking since you seem to never want to talk about things that make me upset.”

     ”Flynn, there’s really no reason for you to be upset about this. I’m fine, you’re fine, and I’m just glad to have you alive and breathing, okay? I am still one-hundred and fifty two percent attracted to you in every way, and I would wait years if I had to for us to have sex again. There are more important things to me, like planning our wedding. Am I right?”