hey there. name's yuri lowell.
twenty three years old, re-enlisted in the imperial knights, currently ranking captain and the commandant's second-in-command.
i'm engaged to our overworking commandant of the imperial knights, flynn scifo ~

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( post-canon )
magic!anon status - none ~


Having never seen this side of Yuri before, it caused alarm to the blond knight. Sure, he knew Yuri was the jealous type, and the protective type, but combining those two things into this was just scary. It worried Flynn quite a lot that this was happening. They didn’t even have a date set for their wedding, and these sorts of things — where Flynn could only guess this was leading — were jeopardizing the sanctity of their marriage, and they weren’t even married yet! In his heart and in his mind, the knight knew he needed to be ready for their wedding night, he told himself again and again, but he wasn’t sure if Yuri had the control to stop when he was running on his emotions like this, and he didn’t even know if he had the power to stop Yuri when things got too close for comfort. Judging by how things went the night they got engaged, Flynn wasn’t even sure how long he’d last with this. That time, it wasn’t even his own mind overworking itself, he just suddenly propelled into anxiety. The command issued by Yuri made him jump a little. His eyes darted to Yuri for a brief second and then away again, struggling to swallow back the noises he’d been holding in his throat.

      “N - no, I’m fine here. I have a - a lot of work to - to do, as you can see, a - and I really need to, um, to do it.”

The tone of voice Yuri used so close to his ear made Flynn’s entire body shudder. He’d never heard that tone come out of Yuri before. That, coupled with the feeling of Yuri’s teeth on his ear and the tug of his wrist — harder than before — Flynn felt more conflicted and more … well, more of a desire to comply. This was for Yuri, so the guildsman would feel better. Once he was satisfied with the fact that he was there and alive and not going anywhere, maybe he’d pull away and feel better about it all.

      What do I do?

Flynn looked up at Yuri on the second command, hearing the solidness of his voice. Who was he not to listen to the orders given to him by someone he respected and cared for so much? This was for Yuri. He could handle it. Swallowing hard, the knight stood as requested, crystalline eyes on Yuri’s form as he waited for the next action or order.

For a moment, Yuri almost felt as if time stood still. The knight had finally followed through on his command, standing from his seat and turning to face him. During the shift, the guildsman had the mind to back off just a bit, though his grip upon the blond’s wrist remained. Dark, almost hazy eyes fell upon the brilliant blue gaze of his counterpart’s, using his hold on Flynn’s wrist to pull him closer. He too stepped forward a bit, almost too close, to the point of sharing breath. After a few silent moments, his grip slackened, hand trailing a smooth course up the Commandant’s arm to rest on a shoulder. This was what Yuri needed, to have the assurance that Flynn truly was alive and breathing, safe and unharmed in his arms. He could see the uncertainty in his fiancé’s eyes, practically sense some level of fear coming off of him in waves. Regardless, the swordsman knew he wouldn’t be sated if he stopped now.

Yuri’s splint-bound arm — without a sling, as he had elected to leave that behind in his own room — wrapped around the knight’s lower back, using the positioning as leverage to pull them flush together. The hand resting upon a shoulder began to move once again, this time sliding to a solid position at the back of Flynn’s neck. Darkened pools of grey lowered, his gaze falling upon the other’s soft lips, begging to be kissed. Without much warning beyond the slight pressure applied with his relocated hand, Yuri brought their lips together, eyes slipping closed to focus on the feelings generated by the union. It was different than their previous kisses, which for the most part had been brief and gentle and on the light side. This was a bit more demanding, giving a bit more pressure as his fingers soon sifted through golden locks. Heart hammering a bit more heavily against his chest, Yuri’s lips parted against Flynn’s, teeth grazing his bottom lip in a silent plea for entrance.